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What's New With GivingDNA


GivingDNA - Coverage Ratio Chart

June 21, 2022


We have just added a new chart to GivingDNA that can help you determine if you have a leaky fundraising bucket. The coverage ratio chart tells you if your active donor file is growing, shrinking or remains the same year over year. It's easy to understand while also being a key indicator on the health of your fundraising efforts.

Coverage ratio looks at the number of donors you acquired and reactivated in a fiscal year, and divides that number by those that are lapsed in the same year. If the outcome is 100%, your active donor file is the same size as the year prior. If the outcome is <100% then your file is shrinking, and ultimately you'd like to see an outcome over 100%, which tells you that your file is growing.

If you have any questions at all feel free to reach out to your customer success manager or email us at support@givingdna.com.


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