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What's New With GivingDNA


GivingDNA September 2022 Update

September 20, 2022


We want to share that there are two new Opportunity Alerts added to GivingDNA. These could really come in handy as you ramp up for the season of giving.

The next time you refresh your data, two new Opportunity Alerts will appear on your account homepage. Here's a brief description along with some advice on how to take action:

Likely Crypto Owners

Over 33 million US adults own cryptocurrency and this Opportunity Alert lets you know which of your constituents are most likely to be one of them. Do you have a way to accept crypto donations? If so, this is a good group to reach out to.

  • Develop a communication track, specifically for crypto donor
  • Look for ones that already fall into higher wealth levels and reach out to build rapport as they may have an even greater ability to give
  • Keep them informed about your mission beyond the current Direct Marketing outreach and keep an eye out for prospects to move up to mid-level or major giving

Philanthropic Non-Donors 

Every nonprofit has a population of non-donors in their database and are often left wondering what to do with them. GivingDNA helps you understand which of your non-donors are actively supporting other causes and would be good candidates to send a direct ask to support your mission. Additionally you can:

  • Explore their demographics to identify those with the highest levels of affinity to your cause and capacity to make a meaningful gift
  • Compare channel preferences to see if you’re communicating with them on their terms
  • Recognize their residence to invite subsegments to local events and other activities

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to your GivingDNA contact or email us at support@givingdna.com

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